Happy people do happy work.

Why does Gem School always think about ways to improve? Because it wants its foreign lecturers and its Japanese staff to be happy while they work. For this reason, Gem School is operated under an unusual organizational structure called "holacracy". It is thanks to this organizational system, Gem School is able to work with the aim of balancing the two wishes of a "flexible working style" and "wanting to provide high quality education" . The holacracy system is starting to gain attention little by little by many new companies, especially in the IT sector. Gem School was founded in 1981, and has been working under a holacracy system for more than 30 years.


Gem School was founded in 1981, in Toyohama-chi, Kagawa prefecture. The school started as a cram school in this small town, in a time where learning English conversation was a bit of an oddity in rural Japan. Even more unusual, Gem School stuck to teaching only North American English. Many people thought it was a risky business move, but from an educational viewpoint, it made all the sense in the world.
In order to stay competitive in the modern age where there are so many other schools in Japan, Gem School strives for creativity. Staff members attend conferences across Japan, educational law research, constantly searching for new and exciting class materials. Teaching staff is also constantly working together to learn and grow so that they can continually offer the best possible lessons for Gem School students.
With this system in place, and a strong sense of teamwork, Gem School has been able to grow to one of the most well known English Conversation Schools in Kagawa and Ehime prefectures. In recent years, Gem School has been getting more and more national attention and has won many awards, including the Great Place to Work Award 4 years in a row.

Main Awards

Great Place to Work Company with a good workplace (2015, 2016, 2017)

Forbes Japan JAPAN WOMEN AWARD (2016)

Funai Research Institute Great Company Incorporated (2012)

Japan Business School Business Innovation · Award (2013)

Company Grand Prize who wants to value most in Shikoku (2017)

Kagawa Prefecture Promotion of Work / Life Balance Company Awards Governor Prize (2017)

Kagawa Prefecture Child Rearing Supporters' Grand Prize (2014)


Miyuki chose Gem School as the name for the school to emphasize the real mission and goal of the company. While learning English is the main outcome and revenue for the company, it’s main purpose and goal is that the students become better assets and better citizens to society. Gems start out as rocks that are unattractive, but through the process of polishing and cleaning they become very bright and beautiful. This is the goal of Gem School’s students—that they become precious gems to society.


At Gem School, you will notice a group of recurring characters, named Miru, Kiku, and Yuu. You may have noticed based on their features that these names are related to the Japanese words 見る (look), 聞く (listen), and 言う (say). There is a special reason for this. These characters represent the best way to absorb learning a language in the classroom. The first, Miru, means "to look", in this case, observing the teacher, particularly the movements of the mouth, in the way words are formed. The second, Kiku, means "to listen", which is key to to learn how words are sounded out, especially words with tricky spelling. Last, Yuu, which means "to say", encouraging students to repeat any words and phrases uttered by the teacher, in order to practice usage and fluency. If you can follow these three ideas, you are one step further to learning English!

Our goal is to be Japan's #1 educational environment

Quality education is what Gem School strives to provide at all times. To be considered Moreover, I was able to know how much quality education of the gem school is in the highest level school study meeting in the whole country. I was able to rate it as "Japan's No. 1 English School School". We have not only become very thankful motivation for us who have been working with the feeling of "making the best education environment in Japan" in the past, but also to further advance the direction of education so far There was also a meaning that it was not a mistake. From now on I will try to further improve the level of education.
The teachers at Gem School, for me, are team members that work to make Gem School place filled with trust friends, guests to our country, and even as my children, . I always do my best to give to the teachers back the kindness that I received when I spent time in Utah.

Teachers at Gem School for me are team members to make our dream that Gem School has true, friends, people I give kindness I received when I was in your culture back to, guests for our culture / country, and my children.

Miyuki Goda, Gem School owner

Always a native teacher

All teachers at Gem School are have English as their mother tongue.

Teaching American English

In schools students learn British English. At Gem School we teach exclusively North American English.

Classification by level

All the lessons in Gem School are divided into detailed levels. The children’s classes alone are divided into about 10 levels! We offer optimum lessons tailored to the level of proficiency in English conversation.

Fun events

Every year Gem School hosts a number of events in varying sizes. Teachers and staff members all work together to create the best possible events, like Gem School’s award winning Halloween event!

No membership fee. No annual fee.

Gem School has no admission fee for students, only the monthly tuition fee.

Reliable monthly tuition

The tuition fee is paid on a monthly basis. There is no need for an annual contract etc. It is a secure price system.

No expensive learning materials required

Most learning materials necessary for lessons are around 3000 to 5000 yen per year.

Teaching method for Japanese

Since its founding in 1981, Gem has provided guidance with its own curriculum. A "Fun learning system" according to age and purpose is evaluated in and utilized in Gem School.

"Japan's Best English School"

We are proud to say that Gem School has been the recipient of numerous awards, and accolades throughout the years. Gem School is a proud recipient of the Great Place to Work Award.